Watch out for that…

Due to the economic crash in Argentina in 2001 (and I’m sure to many other circumstances) much of the city remains as it was 100 years ago. While the main roads are all paved, there are still many charming cobblestone streets. Even on the paved roads there is often evidence of the faded glory of the city where the pavement has worn away to reveal the cobblestone underneath. It is rare for sidewalks to be cement here unless you’re in a more upper-class barrio so they’re tiled. Big tiles, small tiles, octagonal tiles, square tiles, and very often loose tiles. Personally, I think it only adds to the city’s character and charm which is very rustic and antiquated to start with.

But loose tiles isn’t all you have to worry about when you’re walking down the street. No, you also have to watch out for all the piles (piles of what, you ask?). Well, I can’t decide if it’s from the lack of decency of pet owners here or from all the stray dogs in the city, but I often find myself missing beautiful architecture and other sights because I’m too busy staring at the ground in front of me to make sure I don’t walk through something stinky. It’s more prevalent by the many parks and plazas, but it’s still ubiquitous enough that you always want to scan the ground a few paces in front of you to avoid any mishaps. Does this remind you of Phoebe’s song, “Smelly Cat,” from Friends? I couldn’t help but sing a few lines as I wrote that last paragraph. If I was the only one you can excuse the pop culture reference.

Then there’s the wide variety of architecture you can see from the doors here. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so the lighting will warm up a little as well and I can take my D70 out and do a photo montage of the doors leading into condos, apartments, and homes here. They are almost always 12-15 ft. and probably even 18 ft. near the center. My words won’t even begin to do justice here so I promise photos as soon as the weather and lighting warms up a little!


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