Checking In

With the advent and now culmination of finals I finally have time to write for this site again. In fact, all told, I think I wrote just under 50 pages in Spanish this month because instead of final exams, Argentine universities prefer final novelas. I kept feeling like I should write a little post just to let everyone know what was going on and save you all from assuming all sorts of crazy things, but the thought of putting some little hiatus post up bothered me. I really want to refrain from posting “filler” content on here as I would eventually like to make this site into a bigger project and a reflection of my writing for professional use as well.

That being said, and since I still don´t have any of the several posts I´ve been written ready for publishing, I figured I´d make a little announcement. In a little less than 10 hours I have a flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate. The only plans or reservations I have are a hostel stay for a night in El Calafate tomorrow night and a hostel stay in Ushuaia for two nights on the 9th and 10th of December because my return flight to Buenos Aires is on the 11th. I´m hoping to make some friends who have a tent so I can do a little camping, but there are also refugios (tiny little cabins backpackers can rent) in several of the national parks I will be visiting.

I´m going here tomorrow!

I´m going here tomorrow!

My mom, who is incredible, purchased and mailed me an early Chanukah gift for this trip and the many others that are sure to follow.

Isn´t it beautiful?

Isn´t it beautiful?

That being said, I still haven´t packed and I need to print out my e-ticket. I´m planning on spending at least a few hours one day at a café to sit down and write some posts and document my adventures since I haven´t had any time over the last few weeks. If you´re interested in reading some travel adventures in the mean time there are several sites under the links section of the sidebar that I recommend checking out, especially The Lost Girls since I have the awesome opportunity to preview some of the chapters that Amanda has written for their upcoming book.

Here´s to adventure!


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  1. 🙂 have fun on your last little “fling” before you come home, babe!!!!

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