My name is Emily and I am a junior at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and having an incredible experience.  This blog was created mainly to keep in touch with friends and family by sharing my experiences and photos but as I continued to write and update I realized how much I missed having a public blog. When I get back to the States I hope to grow this project and make it a little bigger than what it is, but for now it is the chronicles of my daily life in Buenos Aires as an exchange student as well as the grand and always spontaneous weekend trips outside of the city.

I always hate writing introductions because I’d prefer the writing that follows to speak for itself. I love writing but I don’t always feel that my words are able to express my emotions regardless of how carefully I chose my words. In fact, you may notice lots of quotes throughout my posts because, alas, there’s nothing new under the sun, so whenever someone else’s words can fill in where my cannot–or they express a sentiment more beautifully than I ever could–I like to take advantage of it. I can only hope that through this blog I can bring all of you along with me on my journeys through South America and life.